LLC Portenergo maintains the highest Economic Security standards. The main tasks are countermeasures against fraudulence by counterparts, fraudulence and other improprieties of the Company's employees, investigation and prevention of frauds, facility security, provision of informational and staff security.

LLC Portenergo accepted a number of local regulations aiming at elimination of legal and reputational risks. For instance, the Company has the Corporate Ethics Code mandatory for all managers and employees. Moreover, the provisions of the Code are aiming at increase interests and efficiency of the Company.

The Security Service regularly evaluates corruptions risks of departments maintaining business activity and reviews revealed facts of conflicts of interests and responses to them taking associated measures including expulsion. After introduction of above mentioned procedures, some of employees who've violated corporate standards were fired. Some materials were submitted to the law enforcement of the Russian Federation.

LLC Portenergo implemented a complex of measures for usage of transparent procedures for procurement. The Company regularly interacts with law enforcement and security authorities concerning various aspects of its activity.

For prevention of cases of fraudulent actions, corruptions and other crimes, the Company established the hot line of the security service.

Calling the hotline, you may conveniently and anonymously inform about facts of frauds, wasteful spendings, thievery, swindling, corruption, secret commission, conflict of interests and other negative cases.

Each address is reviewed with caution, results of the review are submitted to the managers of the Company.

If you found out any facts of corruption (extortion of money, abuse of power) or fraud, we ask you to address the hotline of the security service of LLC Portenergo.

Phone, fax:
plus 301 (round the clock)