What do you have to do: Ensure uninterrupted and technically correct operation of mechanical and technological equipment (pumping and compressor, capacitive, heat exchange equipment, shut-off valves). Create plans and schedules for maintenance and repair of mechanical and technological equipment. Monitor the implementation of approved plans and schedules for maintenance and repair of equipment. Interact with contractors.


This vacancy is for you if you: You have a higher professional education (technical) in the direction of "Machines and devices of chemical production" and similar. You have at least 3 years of experience as a mechanical engineer/IT engineer in production. You have a good knowledge of MRO systems, installation methods, technical characteristics, design features and operating modes of technological equipment of petrochemical/chemical production. You have the skills and experience of at least 2 years in the field of repair of mechanical equipment (pumping and compressor, capacitive, heat exchange equipment and shut-off valves). You show leadership and good organizational skills. Are you an experienced PC user: MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point). You are able to work with a large amount of information in a multitasking environment. They are active, proactive, responsible and result-oriented.


What we offer: Place of work - the area of the seaport of Ust-Luga. Salary based on the results of the interview, bonuses for effective work and results. Social package - voluntary medical insurance, various benefits. The opportunity to study at our Corporate University. Career planning — the company's employees have the opportunity for professional and career development. The company welcomes cross-functional movements and rotation between the regions of its presence
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"Portenergo is a rapidly developing company, good social package, relocation programme for employees from other towns, constant career enhancement, respectable salary, sports and cultural events, corporate leisure centre."
Nikolay Pavlovich Andreev
Leading metrology engineer
"They appreciate me here and see me as a specialist. There is opportunity to express yourself, to show your strong sides both in labour and in character."
Yuri Vladimirovich Izuriev
Machine tool operator, process equipment repair section
Portenergo, in my opinion, is a very interesting job linked with maritime and railroad logistics. Respectable salary. Safe labour conditions equally important as Portenergo is a new, modern enterprise with high level of production processes automation. Also, the management of the enterprise pays the largest attention to meeting with requirements of Health and Operations Safety both by themeselves and the personnel.
Elena Rashitovna Mazitova
Leading specialist of shipment management
The enterprise provides good social package: vouchers to the corporate leisure centre in Anapa for employees, their relatives and children; opportunity to do lots of sports (volleyball, hockey, table tennis, etc.), interesting events for both employees and their family members with visits to interesting places of the Leningrad region. And the most important thing is my colleagues: they have big professional experience, I can learn many things from them and always find their support in difficult situations.
Elena Rashitovna Mazitova
LogisticaLeading specialist of shipment management