Sustainable development

Health and Operations Safety

In its activity, the LLC Portenergo company considers life and health of its employees and all stakeholders more valuable than results of production activities. Our enterprise is a hazardous production facility, so labour safeguarding is one of the most important tasks for us.

The Company considers corporate Health and Operations Safety management system (HOSMS) as a required element of efficient production management and bear obligations to manage production risks affecting life and health of employees, equipment and property.

Strategic target of enhancement of the HOSMS is efficient operation of the integrated Health and Operations Safety management system based on development of the employees' ability to predict and prevent possible disasters, increase of industrial safety of production facilities up to the level equal to the best indicators of the best petrochemical companies.

In order to increase the safety level of the enterprise, it implements target programmes for reduction of injury rate of employees and contractors. The production injury risk assessment programme is rapidly developing.

The company's health and operations safety strategy is implemented in accordance with the same strategy of the government.