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Cargo transloading activity of LLC Portenergo in the Ust-Luga sea port is performed not only for profit gaining purposes but is important for implementation of the Sea Transport sub-programme of the Russian Transport System Modernization Federal Target Programme. The terminal is a part of the Ust-Luga sea trading port which is being established in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1488-r, dated on Oct. 7, 1996. The liquefied petroleum gas transloading facility is necessary for reception of liquefied petroleum gas and light petroleum products from rail tank cars, intermediate storage and tankage aboard sea gas carrier vessels and product carrier tankers for export transportation. The terminal is located in the Kingisepp district of the Leningrad region and is a part of the Ust-Luga sea trading port; it's located in the southern part of the Luga bay of the gulf of Finland. The facility occupies part of the water area and land on the southern shore of the Luga bay of the gulf of Finland between Luzhitsa and Khabolovka rivers 4 km to south-east from the inflow of the Luga river into the bay.