About the Company

Cargo transloading activity of LLC Portenergo in the Ust-Luga sea port is performed not only for profit gaining purposes but is important for implementation of the Sea Transport sub-programme of the Russian Transport System Modernization Federal Target Programme. The terminal is a part of the Ust-Luga sea trading port which is being established in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1488-r, dated on Oct. 7, 1996. The liquefied petroleum gas transloading facility is necessary for reception of liquefied petroleum gas and light petroleum products from rail tank cars, intermediate storage and tankage aboard sea gas carrier vessels and product carrier tankers for export transportation. The terminal is located in the Kingisepp district of the Leningrad region and is a part of the Ust-Luga sea trading port; it's located in the southern part of the Luga bay of the gulf of Finland. The facility occupies part of the water area and land on the southern shore of the Luga bay of the gulf of Finland between Luzhitsa and Khabolovka rivers 4 km to south-east from the inflow of the Luga river into the bay.

The LPG and light petroleum products transloading facility of the Portenergo is possessed by a consortium of investors consisting of the Gazprombank (joint-stock company), Mubadala Investment Company and other leading international investors. SIBUR is the operator of the terminal providing capacity utilization of the LPG facility as part of the long-term contract.

Annual cargo transloading turnover:
million tons
of liquefied petroleum gas and light petroleum products
million tons
of light products
million tons
of liquefied petroleum gas
million tons

Cargo transloading

Normal butane fraction — butane
TU 0272-023-00151638-99
The normal butane fraction is used as feedstock for synthetic rubber production, for cracking process and other purposes
Propane fraction - propane
TU 0272-023-00151638-99
A-grade propane fraction is used as a modifier in polymerization process for production of high-density polyethylene, as a solvent in oils deasphalting process and as a coolant; B-grade is used as cracking feedstock and for other needs
Stable natural gasoline — SNG
TU 0272-020-00148300-06
Used as cracking feedstock for petrochemical production facilities and organic synthesis plants, as feedstock for central gas fractionation units as well as for compounding at motor gasoline production.
92 RON motor gasoline
GOST R 51866-2002
Used as motor fuel.
Cargo transloading work procedure
Discharge of cargo out of rail tank cars into the terminal tanks for formation of shipload lots
Transfer of cargo within the border of the port (tank farm cargo pumping)
Aggregation (storage) of cargo
Tankage (loading) of cargo aboard vessels for export outside of the Russian Federation
Cargo segregation and preparation for transportation
All other auxiliary actions which are integral parts of the transloading process
The company has the following licenses for performance of such complex business item as cargo transloading in the sea ports of the Russian Federation.
Series Number Type activity Look Validity
MR-4 001220 Performance of hazardous cargo loading and unloading activities in internal water transport and in sea ports. dated on 03/25/2014
PRD 4706760 Performance of hazardous cargo loading and unloading activities in railway transport. dated on 03/28/2014
VH-00 014745 Operation of explosion and fire hazardous and chemically hazardous production facilities of I, II and III hazard classes dated on 05/16/2014